A May Article Claimed That If Clinton Wins Florida And All The Traditionally Democratic States, She'll Win.

- President & CFO [54] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So advertising RPMs continue to increase. They're slowing in terms of growth, because at this point, it's not about, we're focusing on doing the right revenue dollars and we're also focusing on driving as many hours as possible. So wherein historically we might have limited hours more aggressively, we're not doing that as much now, and you're seeing that that denominator grow pretty significantly, at 5.7 billion hours in the quarter. The denominator of that RPM is growing pretty healthily. While revenue continues to grow healthily, the RPMs are going to step up. But we're not trying to get that as high as possible. We're trying to optimize it for the opportunity across multiple dimensions. From a subscription perspective, those RPMs are staying very consistent. That is pretty consistent.

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Moore claims that if Trump can win Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin four states that he says are traditionally Democratic and all the historically Republican states, he'll win. But calling Ohio a "traditionally Democratic" state isn't necessarily accurate. In 2000 and 2004, Ohio voted Republican for President George W. Bush. The Washington Post has a different outlook on the November general election. A May article claimed that if Clinton wins Florida and all the traditionally Democratic states, she'll win. Their map is based on the past six presidential elections. It gives Clinton Florida and the 19 states as well as Washington, D.C. that consistently voted Democratic. In their hypothetical map, Trump gets Ohio. Since 1964 , one thing about Ohio is true: As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. But Florida also has a reputation of voting for the winning president.

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